Embedding CR in business

Towards integration and transformation


Ethical Corporation


In 2012, we were commissioned by Ethical Corporation to research, develop and write a new edition of their guidebook How to Embed Sustainability in Management Processes: Save money, eliminate risk and generate new business. This report is historically one of Ethical Corporation’s most successful and popular. Our new edition drew on dozens of interviews with sustainability leaders across business, academia and civil society; along with extensive research on the tools, trends and techniques making corporate responsibility come to life.

Every company begins their sustainability journey from a unique place, whether that be undertaking a successful pilot project, making a high-profile commitment or setting a target, releasing its first corporate sustainability report, or another initiative. What is generally far more difficult is to translate a successful one-off project into an effective cross-company sustainability strategy.

Our report cuts this daunting process into a series of discreet activities including: how to manage the process of changing attitudes; how to find the right way to understand and measure performance, and how to engage well with corporate stakeholders. In addition to providing many examples of good practice, the report also presents in-depth case studies on: GE’s success with ecomagination, IBM’s Smarter Planet strategy, Marks & Spencer’s approach to Plan A, Unilever’s Sustainable Living Plan and Petrobras’ commitment to rebuilding trust through corporate responsibility.