Shale Gas and ‘Fracking’

A Guidance Note for Financiers


Credit Agricole SA


CPFI - Shale Gas Guidance Note (April 2013)

A number of financial institutions, including Credit Agricole SA, Standard Chartered and F&C Asset Managment, commissioned us to produce a Guidance Note on issues and responsible business practices associated with shale gas development and exploitation. The Guidance Note identifies a range of local and global challenges posed by the development of the world’s vast shale gas resources, including

The Guidance Note also specifies 16 areas of responsible business practice that should be pursued by the shale gas operators – 4 practices relate to the company’s overall quality of management, accountability and disclosure, and a further 12 relate to particular areas and activities of operation, such as: environmental & social impact analysis; well integrity; toxic chemicals; water quality; freshwater management; air emissions, including fugitive methane; local infrastructure impacts; seismicity and workforce exposure to silica. The Guidance Note drew on leading research, expert academic insight and the experience of companies in the sector.