Yasmin Crowther


Yasmin Crowther

Sustainability and brand strategy
Scenario planning and issue management
Stakeholder analysis & engagement
Research, analysis & writing

Role for Shine

Yasmin is an independent consultant and writer in the field of corporate responsibility, sustainable development and strategic communication. For two decades, she has worked for many of the world’s highest profile brands – including Shell, BP, Ford, Toyota, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Nike, Pfizer, Novo Nordisk and others – on a range of challenges, including: strategy development, issue management, sustainability reporting, stakeholder engagement, partnership and program development, innovation and entrepreneurship.

She is also a commissioned writer, and has researched, written and edited a variety of publications and reports, including: in-depth analyses of green economy trends, the impact of social media on corporate behaviour, and the global sustainability challenges facing the digital economy.

Previous Experience

Yasmin was previously Director of Consulting at SustainAbility, where she also wrote and edited various publications relating to: sustainable development and globalisation; corporate responsibility in the supply chain; the role of social entrepreneurship; emerging practices in sustainability reporting; and country studies examining the sustainability challenges in India, China and Brazil.

Prior to SustainAbility, Yasmin set up and directed the corporate responsibility practice at the international communication strategy consultancy, Ketchum, and prior to that, she worked for environmental management consultancy, URS/Dames & Moore, where she was responsible for integrating perceived and cultural risks into the company’s technical risk advice to clients. These roles followed five years of working within corporate affairs at Shell (1992-1997), where Yasmin was closely involved with the defining Brent Spar and Nigeria crises and the ensuing lessons learned for scenario planning, sustainability reporting, stakeholder engagement, governance and transparency.