Fostering Sustainability Excellence in Qatar

Supporting sustainability excellence

In 2014, we were appointed by Qatar Petroleum, on behalf of the State of Qatar’s Minister of Energy and Industry, to run their annual sustainability excellence awards program. Each year, around 36 operator companies from the oil and gas, chemical, utilities, cement and related heavy industries, take part in this ongoing program designed to encourage best practices, in support of Qatar’s national sustainability strategy, the QNV 2030.

Now in its fifth year, this program aims to:

Participating companies prepared sustainability reports in accordance with criteria based on GRI and IPIECA guidelines. Our team reviewed and scored all reports against a rigorous methodology. We also convened and facilitated an independent panel of global experts to help judge and identify top performers in key award categories including: excellence in sustainability reporting; sustainability management; environmental management; socio-economic and CSR activities; and discretionary awards for innovation and first-time reporting.

All participants received a thorough analysis of their performance and advice for future improvement. The results and findings are presented in individual feedback, as well as in-depth workshops for practitioners.

We look forward to working with the Ministry to strengthen the program in future, through improvements to the methodology, work with participating companies to improve their performance, and deliver value against the aims of QNV 2030.