Financial institutions tackling climate change

Shale gas investment & responsible business practices

In 2012, we worked with financial institutions - including Credit Agricole SA, Standard Chartered and F&C Asset Management - to research and write a Guidance Note for financiers on the challenges facing shale gas development and operations, while also identifying the responsible business practices and key performance indicators that financiers could choose to explore as part of their internal deliberations when investing in the sector. The Guidance Note drew on a raft of current and emerging research around the world, and engaged directly with leading academics, NGOs, and companies in the oil and gas sector as part of the development and review process.

The financial institutions involved in the Guidance Note are committed to working to tackle climate change through their own corporate practices and investment decisions. This project was convened under the auspices of The Climate Principles.

Shale Gas and ‘Fracking’

Guidance for financiers on local and global challenges posed by the development of shale gas resources.