Advanced Digital Analytics

Online & Social Media Intelligence


Shine has partnered with Polecat over several years to explore insights from advanced digital analytics for our clients.

Polecat’s proprietary technology, MeaningMine, is able to digest digital online and social media conversations to identify key trends, themes, stakeholders and influencers. As well as providing useful supplementary intelligence and insight for our clients and for Polecat clients, we have worked with Polecat to publish regular analysis of geopolitical trends for the energy sector and to advise on key debates and activism around the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

We have used Polecat analytics with our existing clients to help supplement primary research, stakeholder engagement and facilitation. MeaningMine’s outputs help to inform understanding of overarching trends and topics and also to identify influencers and opinion-formers outside of the usual candidates for corporate engagement.

As well as helping to provide context for issue management and stakeholder engagement, digital analytics is also useful in undertaking competitor benchmarking and identifying emerging market needs and opportunities for innovation.

We add value to this information by applying our own extensive experience and stakeholder contacts to help interpret the messages MeaningMine produces, and generate insight with direct value for strategic and management decision-making.

New capabilities at Polecat also enable the tracking of entire supply chains or other key assets against a set of operational, strategic and regulatory risks.