SAP software solutions and sustainable innovation

Enhancing stakeholder input to business strategy

SAP is the world’s largest business software company, used by some 200,000 multinational customers around the world. Its solutions comprise applications, analytics, cloud, mobile and database technologies.

In 2012, SAP asked us to help them work with their CEO-level Sustainability Advisory Panel. The panel is comprised of representatives from the company’s investors, its business partners, employees and thought-leaders with sustainability expertise. The role of the panel is to help SAP embed sustainability into its business and products, while challenging them to innovate. Advances in cloud-based, mobile and real-time computing represent a step change in the company’s ability to reach and enable many more users, and as such provide an opportunity for the panel to help the company maximise its impact and potential for sustainable global business development.

We worked with the company and panel – individually and as a whole – to provide effective briefing material and to ensure clarity on the critical strategic questions for the panel to address. We facilitated the panel discussion with SAP’s co-CEO, Jim Hagemann-Snabe and synthesised the results and recommendations. The dialogue and its outcomes are discussed in the company’s sustainability report, available at The panel is involved in ongoing dialogue and follow-up with the company throughout the year.